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On-the-cloud software for managing and selling tickets or products online, with web and social media integration.

We configure your data onto our system and create your products, so they appear correctly.
Our system sends all the information about every purchase or booking to your clients instantly, through email.
We configure colours and styles of the widget so it fits perfectly with your current webpage.
We show you how to manage available days, ticket prices, options, and all the texts and PDFs that will be sent in booking confirmations. Also, we'll help you configure pay methods.

  • We configure your data onto our system

  • Instant updates

  • Easy booking availability management

Product selection

Your products available for your clients, easily, with ultra-fast load, with modern and responsive design and without changing your current webpage.

Booking dates and options

Your clients will be informed about all the different selling options, prices, and possibilities of your products. All in a same window and with navigation controls. It lets you update and control stock per day and hour of your activities, so that your clients know about it's availability, and configuring many options like minimum and maximum purchase, closing purchase hour...

Payment confirmation

Delivery data, payment, and confirmation In a single webpage, your clients will be able to finish the purchase, by introducig their data, pay method, or billing data. All information, stored for future mailings, so that in 5 minutes, your clients will have received the necessary info about events, activities or products, and they will have made their purchase..

Detailed features list


System that reads barcodes and checks data through the API.

Login system

System that differentiates each business to connect to their API, with their own configuration.

Event selector

Shows active event list per company, and information about selected events.

IN & OUT Stock number

Shows how many people have registered in the selected event, and how many people are left to register.

In-event attendant list

Shows a list with the information about people that have entered the event.

APP customization

Customization of the app to your own style..


Hardware, software, usability, interaction design, accessibility, graphic & visual design, quality content, searchability, findability, and utility. Everything.

Our clients

Continuous communication with our clients makes us able to detect their necessities, and proactively propose and create solutions for their business. Thanks for counting on us.

" iwOS ticketing systems allows me to create and edit my entries with all the information I need, and quickly. Being integrated on my webpage, clients purchase tickets for my online lessons with a single click, and instantly, I recieve the payment and confirmation." - Agustín Nuño

" I'm very satisfied with the new ticketing system I put in my web. Thanks to it's simplicity and it's usabilty towards users, I can save plenty of time and manage purchases and bookings much more efficiently." - Rafael Baca Ruiz

Frequently Asked Questions

iwOS is a 100% SaaS system that lets you sell anything: products, services, tickets. Adjustable to every type of business, allowing you to manage everything quickly.
No. Apart from being able to install it on your current webpage, our system allows you to sell bookings, tickets, or products through Facebook or WhatsApp in 10 minutes.
No, you just need to copy and paste our iframe onto your current web, and you'll be able to manage your products from iwOS' control panel. Stock, orders, bills, and all the information about your clients, quickly and easily.
iwOS ticketing widget plug & play allows you to modify the stock of your tickets / products by entering into the administration panel and canceling it. It will be applied instantly and reflected on your website.
By creating the stock of your tickets you can configure the app so that customers can only make the purchase X hours before the event, so that no client will show up to an unprepared event.
The system offers the possibility of creating general discounts or chosen form of payment. In addition, there is the possibility of creating and configuring coupons that will be applied during the chosen date and times.
You can offer your clients Bank transfer, card, PayPal, cash on delivery, Stripe, Iupay, Sequra, TPV Cecabank and Sofort. We'll help you to configure the different forms and payment gateways.

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